Sunday, 15 June 2008

Angels And Demons Poster

The first official teaser poster of the upcoming movie Angels And Demons has been spotted by MTV at the last Licensing Expo in New York:
(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

Angels & Demons The MovieANGELS AND DEMONS

I like this teaser poster: it is somehow mysterious... Much better than the posters they made for the Da Vinci Code anyway!

New posters of Angels and Demons:
(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)
Angels and Demons second movie posterAngels and Demons International Movie Poster - This new international poster of Angels and Demons features Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks).

I wonder if they're going to make a poster mixing religion and science. Will they show the anti-matter bomb on a poster of Angels and Demons?


Amol said...

DVC and A&D both had interesting concepts. Both were different from each other and so cannot be compared. I think DVC is nothing less than A&D. Both are at a similar level. Initially I was not that much impressed by 'DVC-The Movie' but when I watched it for the second and third time I knew Howard had done as much as possible to do justice to the concepts in 'DVC-The Novel'.

Anyway, as everyone knows it's ALWAYS difficult to do justice to a good novel in just two and Half hours in a movie.

But yes, A&D IS darker and more fast paced than DVC.

Infact, A&D is a ready made script from chapter to chapter. I could imagine it visually while reading the story.

This a second poster of A&D that I am seeing after the Gargoyle (semi-Angel-Semi-Demon) Statue that is doing the rounds of the Net.

This movie is going to break records like 'The Dark Knight (2008)'

One thing is for sure. This movie is going to bring a big, big storm with it.

I'm ready.

Come on, let's hunt the Assasin.

Let's follow the Path of Illumination.

Anonymous said...

i had seen the DVC movie & its theme was really something, coming from a catholic person like me. but i'm hats off to mr. dan brown for his "courage" to make a "controversial" plot involving a religion, a conservative at that.

one friend told me that DVC the novel is better than when it was made for the widescreen. well, just as mr. amol had said, "its difficult to do justice to a good novel in just 2 1/2 hrs in a movie". unluckily for me, i haven't finished DVC the novel-yet, so i'm not in the position to say which is better. just the same, DVC is one extraordinary story.

two to three years ago, i've read A&D and boy, i was taken on the edge of my seat, figuratively & literally speaking! so carried away that when i relayed it to my husband (not quite a reader), he became interested to know more about it, but not enough for him to read (how sad how he miss the suspense of reading it). nevertheless, we both imagined how is it like to be if it is made into a movie, especially with our fave actor tom hanks leading the cast. anyways, just saw in the tube that A&D the movie is set to be shown this year. and we couldn't believe it!just one word...finally!can't wait to see it!& i'm sure with the expertise of the people behind that production, A&D fanatics will not be disappointed!

Anonymous said...

i've read both novels (DVC & A&D) already. i partially watch DVC the movie coz i'm much into reading than watching. i also watched a review on DVC novel which shows the fallacy of dan brown's writing. but nevertheless, i am a real fan of dan brown. which in turn excites me to watch this upcoming movie.

seeing its posters brought my classmate and i into discussing DVC and A&D. while DVC focuses more on Christianity, A&D gives emphasis on catholic symbols and beliefs. we are actually thinking how the cast will shoot those scenes in churches knowing they are against catholicism. and because we are catholics and thinking just one, we are not surprised to know that they are not allowed to do such.

i a very excited to watch the movie and see if it will justify the novel. knowing that the scenes are not taken from the real place, i am hoping to see very realistic mock ups.

i just can't wait!

lets now unravel the secrets of the Church!...