Friday, 4 April 2008

Angels and Demons in May 2009

Angels and Demons is an upcoming film adaptation of Dan Brown's novel Angels & Demons. It is a prequel to The Da Vinci Code. The film is directed by Ron Howard and is starring Tom Hanks who is reprising his role as Robert Langdon.

The movie was initially set to be released in December of this year, but its production has been delayed by the Writers Guild strike As a result the movie will be released later, on May 15, 2009.

"Robert Langdon is summoned by CERN to investigate a murder victim, branded with the Illuminati ambigram, leading him to discover the cult's scheme to murder four cardinals and destroy St. Peter's Basilica during a papal conclave using antimatter." (Source: Wikipedia)

Because Dan Brown's novels are disliked by Roman Catholic Church officials who think his work is offensive the team making the movie Angels and Demons was unable to film within any of Rome's churches. So full-scale replicas of portions of various churches were built at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Well the Roman Catholic Church may reprove Dan Brown's novels and their movie adaptations but it does not refuse the cash inflow generated by tourist who visit the churches out of interest after reading the book...

Maybe Sony should have proposed to share the revenue of Angels and Demons to be allowed to shoot.


Aquinas said...

Entrance into Roman churches are free.