Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Angels and Demons Movie Making Of

Angels and Demons MovieThanks to ABC we may have a look to a behind-the-scenes clip of Angels and Demons. The featurette also dwells on the Illuminati, the mysterious organization central in the plot of Angels and Demons:

We have a glimpse of the splendid movie set in Rome in this Angels and Demons clip. But scenes inside the Vatican were actually done thanks to replicas built at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, California: the Catholic authorities were indeed opposed to the movie Angels and Demons.


Sienna Reid said...

This movie looks to be a great thriller in comparison to the Da Vinci Code, which wasn't bad, but seemed a bit of a wet mop to me.
My guides and I saw various stars around Rome during the shooting as well as Ron Howard walking around and getting take-out sushi in our neighborhood. The church is up in arms as usual about this film, but this promises to be a great piece of suspense and mystery, located in one of the most mysterious and beautiful cities on our planet. One of the exciting things is that it features real life locations as well as some great works by Bernini and other artists in quite evocative settings.
We quite like doing the Angels and Demons tours. When the book came out I wrote the first tour in Rome of the Angels and Demons book after my 80 something year old aunt turned me onto it. I find it a great tour to give because it does blend fact with fiction and takes you to so many fascinating sites in Rome that are a bit off the beaten path. It highlights the fact that Rome is a mysterious city and so is the Vatican, filled with controversial history and exciting figures and art works!