Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Anges and Demons Movie Trailer

Angels and demons with Tom Hanks based on Dan Brown's bookA full length movie trailer of Angels and Demons has been released:

Ron Howard may have transformed what was initially a prequel into a sequel of the Da Vinci Code but this Angels and Demons movie really brings Dan Brown's book to life! I love it!


Anonymous said...

I don't like Tom Hanks. I won't support his movies. One of the most American things you can do is vote your conscience, and Tom Hanks calls me UNAmerican for that... I will do another American thing that won't be popular with him, I will also speak with my wallet - I won't support his movies or productions in any way, any more. Goodbye judgmental Tom.

Anonymous said...

what ??!! get with the program mate, can'twait to see the film ! and love tom hanks work, Castaway and Forrest Gump speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

eh... it doesn't seem that great to me... although maybe its just because i wanna see something to scare the life outta me right now. But i don't think I'm going to see this, you cant really see what the movies about from the trailer. it doesn't seem that interesting

Anonymous said...

Compared to the book, the movie is sub par. There were key points that weren't addressed and the plot changed. The ending was not as was in the book. The book was much better.

I wonder if things were changed because of some catholic contraversy?